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NoCoDA 2013

04.25.2013, Conferences, by .


It’s with pleasure that I announce that the 2013 edition of the International Workshop on Non-Conventional Data Access (NoCoDA’13) has been accepted at the 22nd International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM’13) in San Francisco (California – USA).

The Workshop Chairs are the usual suspects: Letizia Tanca, Riccardo Torlone, and myself.

The workshop website is already up at: and the topics of interest include:

  • Context-aware data access
  • Preference queries
  • Personalized data access
  • Schema-agnostic data access
  • Keyword-search over databases
  • Provenance-aware data access
  • Ontology-based data access
  • Database summarization
  • Query relaxation
  • Approximate query-answering
  • Probabilistic querying
  • Privacy-preserving data access
  • Push-based data delivery
  • Query annotation
  • Question answering
  • Natural language querying
  • Mobile and pervasive data access
  • Query mediators
Also this year the Programme Committee consists of top researchers in the above fields:

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